Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Tracker

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The Salmon Recovery Tracker is made possible by the generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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The Salmon Recovery Tracker is one of the original projects under the State of the Salmon - Agency Partnerships Initiative, a multi-year venture funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation where nonprofits and government fisheries agencies are working together to improve public access to salmon data.

Salmon management and conservation, especially in-season fisheries management, rely heavily upon timely access to many different types of information. Unfortunately, information collected by salmon management agencies varies widely in its availability. Datasets may be distributed among many different offices, stored on individual hard drives, exist only on paper, or circulated without any documentation explaining its appropriate uses. The net result is that critical information on salmon populations is difficult and expensive to pull together, making the job of decision-makers and researchers harder.

And even though ODFW manages fish and wildlife for all Oregonians, only about 10% of the department's revenue comes from Oregon's general tax dollars and the lottery. The sale of fishing and hunting licenses provides about one-third of the funding for ODFW programs and another third of the budget comes from the federal government, much of which is tied to the sale of licenses. There has historically been very little revenue available to do things like prepare data and database systems for full public access on the web.

By helping government agencies gain access to capital for building data management and sharing tools, the State of the Salmon Program is assisting managers in their important work of monitoring and evaluating the health of salmon while also providing better public access to the resulting information.

Together with good information, we can all help our public fisheries agencies manage for healthy salmon populations now and into the future.

State of the Salmon is a program of the Wild Salmon Center, originally launched in 2003 in partnership with Ecotrust.