Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Tracker

Mid-South Coast Dependent Population Group (Dependent Population Group)

Analyses of viability criteria (adult abundance, persistence, productivity, distribution, diversity and habitat) are presented for each independent population. Trends in adult abundance and habitat condition are presented for dependent populations.

Oncorhynchus kisutch

Abundance Trend

Comparison of trend lines for the three-year running average of total adult escapement for independent populations within a population stratum, and adult escapement for dependent populations within the same population stratum.

Spawning Year 3-year average of Dependent Population Group Abundance 3-year average of sum abundance for Independent Populations in the Stratum
2015 35.0 35,097.0
2014 46.0 41,045.0
2013 62.0 44,285.0
2012 61.0 42,366.0
2011 211.0 52,242.0
2010 258.0 63,837.0
2009 224.0 46,599.0

Evaluation Thresholds

Pass - No significant difference in trend lines over a 12 year period, except where dependent populations exhibit steeper positive trends.

Fail - Significant difference in trend lines.