Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Tracker

About Us

The ODFW Salmon Recovery Tracker website provides information on the health of Oregon's anadromous salmon and steelhead populations. Website users can explore and download information related to salmon conservation and recovery in Oregon. Key features of the website include:

Explorer - Navigate the site using a map based interface. View trends and conservation categories for populations, regions, and ESUs.

Data Summary - Create a customized table to view online or download by selecting the data type, spatial extent, and time period of interest.

Data Download - Acquire data for independent research and analysis.

Notifications - Receive news and announcements related to salmon recovery in Oregon, and be notified as additional salmonid species and recovery areas are added.

The Salmon Recovery Tracker was built to make it easier for the public to explore the health of salmon populations and access critical underlying data. It's a first step in helping the state open its information to the public in an easy-to-use medium.

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